Google Cloud WordPress ftp setup step by step

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Google Cloud WordPress ftp setup step by step

Are you looking for instructions on how to set up Passive FTP Mode on a Plesk Google Cloud instance?

Plesk servers that only have active FTP connections do not allow you to access to the server through FTP. Many of us wants to enable Passive FTP. Here is how?

How to enable Google Cloud WordPress FTP Mode (Passive)

The steps to configure passive FTP are as follows:

1.To begin, we must first build a firewall rule. To do so, make sure the following settings are in place:

  • Name: To distinguish the firewall rule from others, we must give it a memorable name.

2. We can keep the default number of 1000 for priority.
3. Traffic Direction and Match Action: Select the Ingress radio button and the Allow checkbox here.

4. Targets: We can add firewall rules to all or selected instances in Google Cloud.

5.We can pick All instances in the network under Targets to apply the firewall rule to all instances in the network.

6. Assign target Tags to certain instances to apply the firewall rule to those instances. Then, under Targets, choose Specified target tags and        provide the tags under Target tags.

7.We can keep the default IP ranges option for the source filter.

8. Source IP ranges: To enable all ranges, we must provide

9.Protocols and ports: We can leave the default “Specified protocols and ports” option and enter the port range below:


After entering the appropriate values for the aforementioned aspects, we can click Create.

The firewall rule is created, and we can see it in the list of firewall rules. On the Google Cloud instance, we can now use the passive FTP mode.


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